The idea of the meeting is to bring 2-3 participants (at least one leading scientist and one leading science policy maker) from each country of the Region: Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan.

Workshop OC allocates altogether 90 minutes to the contribution of each participating country.

Each one of the two/three participants will speak for 30/20 minutes and 30 minutes for the discussion will be given at the end of the one hour contribution from each country.

In order for the presentations to have a structure Workshop OC kindly asks the two/three speakers of each country to coordinate their contributions with each other. They should cover the situation of research in physics and mathematics in their country and offer suggestions for regional collaborations.

Prof. Saxena (UK + Central Asia) working with all Central Asian Countries will have 1 hour talk including discussions.

The detailed program (preliminary)

November 1, Tuesday

14.00 – Opening of the Workshop (Chairman – Academician G. Kharadze):

KVITASHVILI A., Rector of TSU – Welcome + About the Mission of the Workshop – 10 min 

             RANDJBAR-DAEMI S., Deputy Director of ICTP – Mission of the Workshop – 10 min 

             SHASHKIN D., Minister of Education & Science of Georgia –

                           “Science Policy in Georgia” - 10 min


GAMKRELIDZE T., President of Georgian Academy of Sciences – 5 min

LOMINADZE J., Vice-President of Georgian Academy of Sciences – 5 min 

FAVI  FEDERICA, Ambassador of Italy in Tbilisi – 5 min

14.45 – MULLER K.A. – TBA

Abdus Salam ICTP Session                                                  (Chairman – Prof. A. Nersesyan)
15.00 - RANDJBAR-DAEMI S.  "ICTP and its mission"

16.00 – Coffee Break

16.30 – ICTP team

KRAVTSOV V.  "Condensed matter and statistical physics activities at ICTP:
            prospects for co-operation" – 15 min 

NIEMELA J. “Experimental Programs at ICTP” – 15 min 

CENTRAL ASSIAN Session 1                                            (Chairman – Prof. A. Shengelaya)

17.00 – SAXENA S. – “Resonances of the Past and Rhythms for the Future: A New Great
                                      Game of Basic Science in Eurasia” (Talk 45min + discussions 15 min)

November 2, Wednesday

09.30 – AZERBAIJAN Session (Talks 60 min + discussions 30 min)

(Chairman – Prof. T. Hakioglu)

HAJIYEV A. “Estimation of Scholars Activity Quality” 

AZAKOV S. “Problems of International Scientific Cooperation in Azerbaijan”. 

11.00 – Coffee Break

CENTRAL ASSIAN Session 2 (Chairman – Prof. S. Saxena)

11.30 – KAZAKHSTAN (Talk 30min + discussions 15 min)

KOZHAMKULOV T. - TBA                                                                        

12.15 – KYRGYZSTAN (Talk 30min + discussions 15 min)

DZHUNUSHALIEV V. “Review & analysis of problems in science in Kyrgyzstan “ 

13.00 Lunch at AIP

14.00ARMENIA Session (Talks 60min + discussions 30 min)

(Chairman – Acad. T. Kozhamkulov)

SAHAKYAN V. "Research & Development Sector Reforms in Armenia” 

CHILINGARIAN A. "Aragats - regional center for Cosmic Ray research" 

NERSESSIAN A. "My view on perspectives of regional cooperation” 

15.30Coffee Break

16.00GEORGIA Session (Talks 85 min + discussions 35 min)

(Chairman – Prof. N. Shatashvili)

KVITASHVILI A. – “Science at TSU & Perspectives of Regional Cooperation” – 15min    


CHKAREULI J.  “Elementary particle physics, Cosmology” – 10 min 
SHENGELAYA A. “Condensed matter physics, Materials Science” – 10 min 
TSINTSADZE N. “Plasma Physics, Fusion” – 10 min 
CHAGELISHVILI G. “Astrophysics, Geophysics” – 10 min 


KADEISHVILI T. “Mathematics in Georgia” (part 1) – 10 min 
DUDUCHAVA R.  “Mathematics in Georgia” (part 2) – 10 min 


NERSESYAN A.A. – “ICTP ↔ Georgia” – 10 min  

19.30 – Conference dinner

November 3, Thursday

09.30 – TURKEY Session (Talks 60min + discussions 30 min)  

(Chairman – Prof. V. Kravtsov)


HAKIOGLU T. – “Contributing to the ICTPs Mission in Eurasia-Pacific Region:
The past, the present and the future of The Institute of Theoretical and
Applied Physics (ITAP), Turunç / Marmaris, Turkey” http://itap-tthv.org 

GENCER A. – “Currently Funded Physics & Mathematics Research Projects, research
centers and procedures for international collaboration using some schemes

11.00Coffee Break

11.30 – Session for the Discussions and suggestions about the Regional Collaborations:

ICTP team + Georgian Organizers + Invited Participants 
           (Chairman – Prof. J. Niemela)

13.00 Lunch at AIP


(Chairmen – Prof. S. Randjbar-Daemi & Dr. A. Kvitashvili)

15.00 – CLOSING (A. Kvitashvili and S. Randjbar-Daemi)


Advances and Perspectives of Basic Sciences in Caucasus and Central Asian Region